About us

Over 20 years ago AUT Business students recognized the need for interaction and networking between the business community and students. They have set up the highly successful Breakfast Club, AUT’s longest standing student society. The club organizes a series of breakfasts each year, hosted in a professional environment, with an invited guest from industry who speaks about their own experiences and provides insight into a particular aspect of the business world.

The Breakfast Club has developed a reputation for attracting an extraordinary range of high-profile speakers including business people and entrepreneurs from almost every industry, as well as politicians, sportspeople and other distinguished individuals. It is the caliber of speakers that underpin the real value of The Breakfast Club for AUT’s business students. From its inception the aim has been to create an environment where AUT students can interact directly with leaders from the wider business community to build networks, create a greater understanding of the business world, and discuss the important issues of the day. Guest speakers inspire the next generation of business leaders by sharing their insights and life-experiences around the challenges of leadership, teamwork, innovation, brand-building and economic development. But like any good business relationship, it’s a two-way process. The Breakfast Club is also an opportunity for the business community to develop relationships with the next generation of talented young business leaders.